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My name is Roger Smith, and I am a part-time artist based in the outskirts of South London.
I left school at fifteen with qualifications in graphic art. In the mid 1980's i started working for Black & Edgington Flags. Designing, printing & hand painting flags for H.M.Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and other members of the Royal family.I worked on the designs, & printed the 1986 Grand Prix flags, also hand painted Masonic banners, amunst others.
This rekindled my love for art, and i started to teach myself to paint.
When my children were young, i built them a small art studio at the end of the garden.
My eldest son died mid 2017, and this made it very hard to get back into the studio, as this is where we spent a lot of time together.
I now use the time in the studio as an escape from reality, and have  decided to take my art a little more serious.
Painting under the name 'smiffy', i hope to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours. I am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression.


An escape from reality



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